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The world around across the wide spectrum of the human life has seen life circulate with and around the women. The most feminine of the body elements have been parts such as the dove shaped eyes, the fuller lips, the voluminous bosom and every single part of the female anatomy. Great works of art have been created to refer the modesty of the feminine form. Throughout the annuls of history the beauty of the feminine form has been talked about, written about as well as sculpted about.
The conditioning of the human mind in todays times is also engraved to on the same path. Human fascination of things in symmetry has continued to be consider as well as work alike.


In today’s modern world the women of across the various stratus have found new understandings of their own self. Thus, started a revolution of kinds in the annuls of the cosmetic surgeries. The biggest contributors in this entire pie are procedures connected to the mammaries, also what we term as breasts. A host of procedures have been created and identified to achieve what can be termed as procedures to fulfil the objectives of either giving fullness, or giving volume, or also possibly considering recreation of a better shape. There are also possible answers to undo what could be wrong such as possible reducing the mass of the breasts if they are not in proportion to the physic of its holder. These procedures can be in simple terms get divided into various possible options.


The solutions can be primarily be divided into

  • Breast augmentation

    In essence this is a procedure which focuses upon improving what the candidate has. The age-old excepted fact is – the more the better. This procedure is an ideal take for people looking to achieve just that. Objective and aspects such as listed below are to be fulfilled for anyone undertaking the following procedure:

    • Enhance the appearance of the breasts
    • Increase the size of the breasts
    • Improve the contour of a woman's breasts
  • Breast reduction

    On the other side of the spectrum there are requirements to decrease sometimes to make it more interesting or rather take it towards perfection as per the expectations of its holder. This procedure requirement is sometimes seen among men as well due to some specific reasons that have been discussed separately under [give link to male breast reduction] This procedure ideally looks to remove

    • Excess skin
    • Excess fat
    • Excess breast tissue
  • Breast reconstruction

    The final possible division that is possible under the breast procedures are those where the deformity is relooked into to improvise. The breast tissue in case of breast cancer patients is lost as well as for certain other medical candidates need to undergo such procedures.
    The primary objectives to be fulfilled under this program get listed as below

    • Recreation of breast with the desired appearance
    • Re-contouring
    • Nipple and areola recreation

Importance of Breast procedure

The understanding of what can be done is done in a concise manner above. But equally important it is to understand the specific reasons as to why breast procedures have become so popular and happening. The primary list of possible reasons to consider can in simple words be described as under:

  • Women considering their breasts to be too small
  • Changes seen in breasts after pregnancy
  • Requirement of correcting an asymmetry in breast/s
  • Women with large, heavy breasts
  • Women who experience significant discomfort/pain
  • Due to the excess weight of the breasts
  • And many different reasons which can be personal in nature

Best options

The question that lays in front now is to identify what are the ways these procedures can be done. In short what options does one have to choose from to achieve the desired results that one may have. There has been a long list of things that have been used in the past many years and decades. The current possible solutions that are popular get listed or divided as under.

  • By using implants
  • Doing breast lifts / Mastopexy
  • Fat transfers

The candidates where women or men choose to perform these various possible breast procedures for the following benefits/reasons as an end consumer which can be listed in simple words to be their individual requirement of attaining better self-confidence or for the improvement of self-image.

Before considering any procedure under the overall basket of possible breast procedures what should one know before considering which of the procedure should one go for. The top 3 Q’s you should ask yourself should be:

  • What is the end objective to be achieved?
  • What are the possible ways that specific objective can be achieved?
  • Who should I choose to achieve them for me?

The team at Advanced Estetica has been successfully and continuously been working towards answering all such possible questions and many more as well as achieving the end result expectations for each of our beloved clients. This has been achieved in line with creating and following strict standard protocols. Visit us and talk to us in person to know what marvelous possibilities await you in re-sculpting your better you.

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