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Introduction of Body Contouring

Surgical and nonsurgical Body Contouring processes are derived terms for variou reconstructive body surgeries. People yearning aesthetically pleasing silhouettes majorly tend to opt for such cosmetic plastic surgeries. With medical advancements reaching new heights with innovations, reshaping one's desired body structure is plausible than ever! Let’s discover few sought-after Body Contouring forms in terms of frequently asked questions.

What is Body Contouring or Body Sculpting?

Body Contouring is an altering process of reshaping the human body. It includes procedures that eliminate or reduce excess skin and fat that remains after previously obese individuals have lost a significant amount of weight, in a variety of places including the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs. Body Contouring a very broad term comprising distinct body parts’ surgeries. The result is a better-proportioned appearance with more defined and smooth body contours.

The branches of this aesthetic plastic surgery procedures include various surgical and nonsurgical treatments suggested by your physician. Below mentioned are the few frequently-opted Body Contouring processes by the people seeking more aesthetic structures.

  • Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty
  • Buttock Augmentation with Implants
  • Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer BBL
  • Buttock Uplift
  • Thigh Lift
  • Labiaplasty
  • Arm Lift
  • Calf Augmentation
  • Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Body Reshaping
  • Fat Transfer

Common Reasons for Opting Body Contouring

  • Post labour body changes and breastfeeding can immensely change the way you look. Women with such problems go for body contouring to regain their pre- childbearing body image or enhance the current one.

  • People experiencing significant weight loss feel healthier and energetic. But, the skin sag and stretch is likely to remain there on the body. To sculpt such figures and tighten up the aged or saggy skin, people opt for body contouring.

  • As age and gravity push and pull the body out of shape, it’s nice to know body sculpting is there to the rescue to bring back the skin to its natural shape.

Candidacy for Body Contouring

The best candidate is someone who has excess body fat or/and pockets of cellulite that they can’t purge with diet schedules and regular exercises, and who seek pleasing body structures with negligible scarring and pain.

TIt is always advisable to consult a reliable, experienced plastic surgeon before you choose to undergo any of the above mentioned Body Contouring treatments. For safety reasons, you might not be the ideal candidate to get this treatment if you are/have:

  • Any past or active inflammation or infection in the area of treatment
  • Past or current diagnosis of cancer
  • A neurologic degenerative disease or any other disorders around the treatment area that is heat stimulating (e.g. herpes)
  • An Internal pacemaker inserted in the body
  • Any sorts of metal implants (excluding dental) in the treatment area
  • Uncontrolled thyroid gland
  • Varicose veins
  • Expecting or undergoing the IVF procedure
  • Any skin-related autoimmune diseases
  • Silicone implants and/or injections in the desired treatment area

What are the Benefits of Undergoing Body Contouring Surgery?

  • With latest machines and medical advancements, the body sculpting surgeries have become painless and swift. One can just sit back and relax while the excess fat is been removed from their body.

  • The Body Contouring treatments are cumulative. After the final treatment, the results will continue to improve for up to 3-4 months. As the face and body continue to age with time, it can be easily maintained with regular visits to your doctor and following healthy lifestyle habits.

  • The treatment posses absolutely no downtime. The treatment area may look a little hours. You can go back to your routine immediately after your treatment.

  • The level of heat and suction can easily be adjusted according to your tolerance thus, there are no chances of discomfort.

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