Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Power assisted liposuction is performed using a defined cannula or vacuum tubes which uses small, frequent vibrations to break up the cells of fat so that they can be suctioned out of the body without much difficulty. Surgeons can eliminate more fat in a short span of time, which leads to enhanced after effects, a safer surgery procedure, and swift recovery. Power Lipo, also known as Microaire Liposuction is performed with the tumescent liposuction process, in which an anesthetic liquid is injected into the area of treatment for smooth fat transfer through the cannula and thereafter, out of the body. Physicians do not need to use as much suction during a power assisted liposuction because the vibrating cannula assists fast releasing of the fat cells from the body. The Power Assisted Liposuction recovery is fast and has fewer bruises on the treated parts. PAL equipments are considered best for treating areas that are difficult to sculpt, including the inner thighs, belly button area, and male breasts. Because the Microaire liposuction technique takes less time to perform than traditional liposuction, patients are less receptive to complications and safety risks.

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