The mark which is left behind after the skin is injured or a possible fibrous tissue called scar tissue formations over the wound during its repair cycle to attain the objectives of protecting the injury is what are termed as Keloids. It can also be identified as in some cases with the scar tissue continuing to grow excessively and resulting into forming smooth, hard growths. Keloids can become much larger than the original wound and are often found on the chest, shoulders, earlobes, and cheeks but are not limited to them and can be found on any part of the body.

Though such keloids aren’t harmful to health they may and certainly do, in many cases create cosmetic concerns. A possible area that is flesh-colored but is a lumpy, ridged area of skin that’s unusually raised with a possible growing scar tissue becoming bigger than the initial wound over time can constitute of such a visible concern that fall under keloids.

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