About Hair Transplant

Each of us starts facing hair loss at some point in time. Research across the world is able to prove this without much debate. As high as 60-65% of people falling across genders face the problem of thinning and balding and most of them try to self-treat the problem. Trying different things and experimenting with various products one fails to realize that we might be heavily wasting a lot of precious time & the condition would only deteriorate further. Thinning however has various possible solutions as till we reach the stage of balding the follicles are still there to be receptive to various trials that one does to maintain the thinning hair or even improve upon them. However, once such weak follicles start to lose their vitality the hair starts to be lost forever and the areas start to go bald and balder with each passing day. One such loss is seen the only possible answer that is left to regain lost hair is to bring new hair to these areas. This is where the possibility of a hair transplant is considered to have once looks and the confidence that goes with it, back.

It is equally vital to understand that there remains a lot of ignorance or rather the lack of awareness amongst people that the decision to undertake a hair transplant is purely personal. Yes it is a personal decision to take but it is equally vital to have proper professional guidance to help during the initial understanding and screening phase to understand as well as identify the appropriate form of a hair transplant that should be taken. It is equally interesting to know that the method that one needs to choose has to be one which renders the best results for each of the needs of the individual candidates who look to have the program undertaken. On the other hand, it is equally vital to identify whether hair transplant is the only feasible answer or not, only and only then one should be considering to undertake this specific treatment of regaining ones lost mane.

what is hair transplant?

  • Hair transplant is essentially a surgical method of restoring one’s bald areas on the scalp.
  • It is one of the highly recommended as well as equally successful solution for resolving baldness.
  • The procedures are essentially divided into 2 specific types on account of the methodology of follicle extraction/removal from a healthy area and planting it in an area which is not having any hair anymore.
    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

      This is a method in which each individual follicle can be harvested through tiny devices to have circular incisions. The follicles that have been such received are then to be individually planted in the affected bald area of the scalp.

    • FUT (Follicular unit Transplantation)

      In this a thin, long tissue is taken generally from the backside of the scalp and then individual follicles are to be made ready to be planted in the area which has suffered hair loss.

This hair transplant program at Advanced Estetica clinic utilizes both the methodologies to help the individual attain their expected results through the use of their own health follicles. Our aesthetic experts understand that the first impression counts and hair plays a vital role in shaping one’s personality. This is the specific reason for us to work towards helping you make that remarkable first impression with a high-octane dose of self-esteem.

About Strand by Strand Ultimate

It is possible to enjoy the confidence of looking good and younger again with a full head of hair courtesy of Strand-by-Strand Ultimate. The revolutionary Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure can frame your face, give you back your hairline, and change your appearance for good. The program is designed to aesthetically make your face look sharper by creating a significant strong hairline, ultimately making you feel and look younger and more confident. The program is able to achieve similar seamless results in any part of the scalp that is to be considered for attain the correct balance of hair and achieve the look of a full head of hair.

  • It is a unique procedure that takes only one single day.
  • It is one of the most sought-after hair replacement procedures.
  • It is performed by top doctors.
  • It is performed within the best OT infrastructure.
  • It is using the newest-generation instruments.
  • It is using the world’s latest and best technology.
  • It gives you 100% natural, growing, non-maintenance hair.
  • It gives you chance to wear and style according to your age, personality and lifestyle.

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