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Introduction of Lip augmentation

Lips - often considered as the symbol of sensuality and sexuality, they are termed to be a very sensitive erogenous and tactile organ. The reasons being varied and open to one’s imagination. Like any other sign of beauty this organ also gets a lot of focus. However, like all good things that end the vivacity of the lips is lost over time as we age. This has the forbearing due to the gradual decline of the bodily resources that make the lips appear supple and healthy.

Considering that this concern may have many origins, a lot of efforts are put in by us humans to make them look ever pleasing. Starting from usage of lips sticks to the lip balms all products designed are in a way trying to replicate that pleasing look of health. What if the actual results can be gained by turning back time. Or in some cases also improved upon. This is where the procedures done on lips have become the second fastest growing facial procedure that is done under the umbrella of cosmetic surgery.

Array of New Technologies

A wide array of new technologies has been found and altered that are taking the industry by storm. The multitudes of safe and sure shot procedural options that one is able to undertake for lip augmentation get achieved through replication of various options such as:

  • Those via implants
  • Those via collagen fillers
  • Those via Hyaluronic acid injectables
  • Those via fat transfers

Primary question for driving factors

The primary question being what are the driving factors that play the vital role that help someone take this important call. The reasons as we say it – of why it is opted for can be listed down in simple terms. This is how many of our clients have defined their primary reasons to be and possibly might be your reasons as well. Have a check and see if any of them match your vision.

  • Adding to the Shape of the lips
  • Adding Structure of the lips
  • Short procedure
  • Possible immediate answers
  • Replication of celebrity endorsements
  • Increase in lip volume
  • Reduced appearance of lipstick lines
  • Reducing age related creasing
  • Enhance thin lips
  • Long lasting results
  • High success rates

The reasons being very simple to understand however it is equally or rather highly vital to acknowledge what are the various considerations to be kept in mind while optioning for the program. Points such as who can this be performed on – honestly the program can be and is performed over men as well as women in equal measures these days. The growth that segment of women show every year is growing by roughly 8-9% annually and on the side of men it is actually move far more aggressively showing 50%+ growth rates. This clearly shows the procedure has moved from a gender orientated expectation to one that is society driven. One may however need to be aware of having a stoppage as usage of any kind of medication prior to the procedure. Equally vital is to consult the experts as to when should the food intact, prior as well as post the procedure be undertaken.

Procedure some very specific results

Having done the procedure, the individual end consumer can easily achieve some very specific results such as:

  • Creating a plump, sensuous look
  • Having a visually appealing look
  • Getting almost immediate answers and results

Top queries

On the matter of seeing what kind of precautions one should be aware of it is important to note as well as consider these top queries you should always get answers to:

  • Knowing possible allergic materials on self
  • If one has concerns with any kind of anesthetic

Apart from these, there are practically no major changes that need to be made to the life of the individual undertaking the program. It is something which honestly can be as simple as a day care visit that one ends up doing at any daycare or medical center. Meet our Advanced Estetica experts and see how you can possibly explore this path for your own expectations.