• The programs and procedure to be undertaken under the aggies of cosmetic surgeries need to be performed in a preapproved environment. The locale should be equipped to managed all the needs during the program. Some of the vital things that need to be taken care off apart from the standard stringent guidelines of DHCC – Dubai Health Care City Authority; are aspects which are of qualitative nature. Aspects that make your stay comfortable and are able to provide a professional environment should be high on ones radar. It is equally vital to make sure the privacy of the individual wanting to take forward any cosmetic procedure. The post procedure visits may also be needed. This is where the team at Advanced Estetica has defined each of the start of the art properties to give our clients that very feeling one has when one is with near and dear ones – the feeling of calm and serenity. Meet our team to know more about the intricacies of how we manage clients from a diverse background to help them with not only task execution but also personalized care.
  • A valid vital question that everyone should be aware off. The important aspect to note is the fact that any procedure how small or large one does, it does take precedence to the fact that how is to be performed and who is to perform this. One needs to identify and understand that these two aspects do matter a lot to answer if the procedure would be something that one should be worried about. The procedures under the various segments of cosmetic surgery have a magnitude of levels when one is to find answer to whether it would hurt or not. To be brutally honest the program is being done, hence yes there are times one will be in full senses to know that a program is done. This happens so as during many-a-procedures it does happen that one is under local anesthetic and hence one was unable to comprehend how the program was undertaken. Once the effects of the anesthetic is off, if one feels need, it is possible to be under mild medication to be able to take the life forward as normal for a few days. The general guidelines are shared by our expert team to each client to help them recuperate faster after the programs and have their new found-self enjoyed to the fullest.
  • Of course people would notice – The New You. The fact that one is able to fulfil long-lasting results for oneself leads to a happiness that is ever-present. Most often than not, the near and dear ones are able to notice a striking difference in the way clients undertake themselves after achieving the final goals of any cosmetic procedure they would have undertaken. The happiness and the pleasant change is definitely something that cant be ignored for long. Does it!
  • The life of the results as the procedures; are dependent on the factors on which they have been objectified. Each procedure is designed to achieve a specific result, hence is its life predetermined. There are procedures which are designed to achieve results immediately hence can be termed as short range answers to the concern. The same concern can be answered for a longer duration with a very different procedure. In essence the results can be short term, medium term as well as long lasting. What matters is the end objective. This is where the personalized discussion is needed to get the permutations right. Welcome to Advanced Estetica center to find out what you seek. Reach us at +971 43451233 or +971 501910323
    • The concept of performing a professional cosmetic procedure goes without saying that the results need to be such that they are able to achieve the actual objective of aesthetics – undetectable, refined, recreation of ones self. The dexterity with which the expert panel of cosmetic surgeons empaneled with Advanced Estetica keep in mind these ground realities with regards to the expectations that each of our clients bring with them when they seek to perform any procedure – whether a small decision of their life or one which is as a big as having a permanent transformation achieved for them. Our experts and professional team has this ingrained in their day-to-day working and conceptual thought process as well. Keeping you safe while give you something to be drastically happy about.
    • The difference between safety and something being risky lies invariably on a key set of factors. Some of these factors can be considered to be in the hands of the performer, which in this case would be experts having in-depth knowledge of the procedures they are to perform and hence have since long been perfectionated. On the other side of the paradigm are factors that are out of the hands of the expert performing the procedures. These are the aspects that need to be dived deeper. Aspects such as the health of the candidate. Your lifestyle. Your biological parameters. Ones’ psychological state and many such aspects which are quite personal in nature. This is where our team of experts has identified that one-on-one discussions to get into the details is of utmost important. That is the end moto – your safety – we stick to the standards laid by our expert panel of aesthetic surgeons to help achieve that.
  • The reasons of doing any cosmetic surgery can be divided into two major aspects. However both the aspects as termed in the question itself are quite similar in nature with one key difference. The reason of reconstructive surgery is done to undo or redo what was wrong. Many a times one may be borne with facets that can be termed as not right or through the course of ones life would have undergone some other concern that resulted into a possibility of moving a particular facet to the wrong side. What in essence it means is that a defect that one may see as deformity/loss which one needs to improve upon is where the reconstructive surgery will start. Rest all of the segments that the domain of plastic surgeries deal in can be categorized as cosmetic surgery.

The answer to this is quite similar to the discussion we have listed under How long will my results last?. The normalization of the daily life can be instantaneous or might need a few hours a few days to get things back on track. The objectives however will always be to get the right result with the clear understanding of the do’s and the don’ts