Lip augmentation with fat transfer

The goal is to smooth or contour the tissues where fat has shifted or diminished, thereby restoring a healthy, youthful look. A youthful face is accentuated by convexities and an aging one by concavities. The injectable fillers are used to achieve a number of different objectives from lifting wrinkles to adding volume. Areas for augmentation include lips, face, hands and elsewhere on the body as well as scar revision. Fillers fall into two categories; permanent and temporary.

Fat can be successfully transferred into the vermillion border, upper and lower lip and also into the subtle irregularities that surround the pink lips themselves such as marionette folds, creases and the vertical wrinkles known as “smokers lines”. As with all plastic surgical procedures, it is imperative to have realistic expectations as to what fat transfer can achieve and what it cannot. During ones’ consultation, ask questions to get the appropriate answers from the experts.

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