Buccal Fat Pad Removal

The Cheeks Can Be Sculpted To Create A More Refined Look. The Simplest Of Things To Choose To Achieve This Is To Remove The Buccal Fat Pad Which In Essence Is The Lower Part Of The Cheeks. Once Done It Gives The Face A More Sculpted Look.

The Procedure Is Performed Under Local Anesthetic In The Designated Room And May Take About An Hour’s Time. The Contour Of The Lower Face Is Improved By Removing The Fat In The Cheek That Is Not Possible To Lose Through Normal Diet And Exercise. The Basic Idea Is To Give The Appearance Of Higher Cheek Bones And A More Chiseled Face.

This Procedure Can Be Done In Conjunction With Other Procedures To Further Enhance The Facial Contour And Hence Is Most Often Combined With Other Forms Of Face Restructuring. To Know More Talk To The Experts Now.

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