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Concepts of face contouring

Contouring in essence is the process of doing anything that is able to have certain specific changes done which may constitute playing with shades to so you are able to define or reshape something. This is where the concepts of face contouring have its beginning. The various body parts that constitute one’s face i.e. your nose, forehead, chin, and/or cheekbones; are supposed to be redesigned/reshaped to achieve the desirable traits.

The way one’s face is, does have a lasting effect on how one feels. A number of individuals come across a particular facial feature which they would always want to undo or redo. These can be segmented a possible pronounced chin, or cheeks that are protruding, or jawline which is asymmetrical. Many a times the lower or the upper part of the face may have aspects that one might be dissatisfied towards which are taken care of under the various solutions designed under the face contouring procedures done for individuals. This is reasoning that face contouring is also termed as Face Sculpting or Facial Feminization Surgery if it gets into the realm of gender specific cosmetic procedure.

possible options face contouring

The possible options through which the results can be attained can be segmented into usage of surgical procedures as well as using fat transfers and filler for smaller requirements. There are certain non-invasive options as well to achieve the end objectives where process as well. To get the detailed information on the various possibilities at Advanced Estetica reach us by filling out the form or call us at

various reasons to taking solution

The various reasons as to why there might be a need to undertaking such a solution can be in a refined manner listed as under:

  • Creating a fluid face
  • Creating a more feminine/masculine face
  • Solution to a square jaw
  • Solution to a chin that is weak
  • Reduction to a protruding chin or jaw
  • Reduction to a protruding mouth
  • Reduction to a protruding or flaring cheek
  • Creating a symmetrical mouth

experts can suggestions

Apart from the ones listed about there can many probabilities under which the experts can suggest the individual to undertake a particular kind of a program or procedure. The end question that one may however want an answer to at both the sides – expert as well as the individual – is to identify what will be the various considerations that are to be taken care off with regards to:

  • Where to contour – the important answer is to understand which part of the facial identify needs to be contoured, be it one’s nose, jaw, cheeks, ears, brow or anything else.
  • Where to highlight – equally vital is to understand what needs to be highlighted.

listed as common ground the task

Once these two key aspects are identified and listed as common ground the task of moving towards the end goals is much easier to undertake. This is so very vital to be listed as only then can the end user objectives can be achieved in the short, near or long term as the case may be with regards to the solution chosen. A possible list of end goals that might be one’s mind may fall under the list below:

  • Enhancing the confidence of the individual
  • Improving the self-esteem
  • Having a balanced face
  • Creating a chiseled face
  • Enhancing the overall appearance