Mesotherapy Autologus -PRP


PRP or Plasma Rich Platelets is also termed as Mesotherapy where one’s own blood is utilized to create a serum. The program is also widely referred to as the “vampire face-lift”.

Since our own blood is rich in growth factors the serum such created is used to rejuvenate the outer skin as well. This therapy represents a very natural procedure and since it uses our own blood and growth cells, it has no or virtually no side- effects. The elixir of such youth is injected into our own skin enabling the outer layers of the skin to initiate regeneration – fast and efficient.

The program is very much opted as well as recommend to both women and men with damaged and problematic skin that results into a look that is highly visibly showing the aging process. Understand the details of the program have a basic discussion initiated with our experts at Advanced Estetica.

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