Hyperidrosis treatment with Botox

The problem of excessive sweating is evidently faced by a large number of people. The technical term for the concern is Hyperhidrosis, which is simply termed as “excessive sweating”. Comparatively a common condition which usually occurs in the palms of one’s hands, also on the soles of one’s feet as well as equally seen in some cases for the underarms. The excessive sweating can and does in many cases start to interfere with the daily activities and can in all sincerity lead to be a cause of social embarrassment.

Botox is hence used as a choice of treatment for hyperhidrosis in form injections. Botox is also however, commonly used option to treat facial wrinkles. The fact that Botox can also block the chemical signals sent by nerves to stimulate the sweat glands turns out to be a welcome solution by application for this condition. Since after application of Botox the sweat glands don’t receive these signals, they do not produce moisture and sweat is no longer produced. The usage of the product has no other concern as application leads to simply bringing about a condition that the sweat is no longer produced in the treated area.

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